"A Fit Life Starts at Home"

Do you want to workout, get in shape and be fit? Does the hassle or expense of joining a gym leave you wanting to dive into a bag of potato chips instead?

Exercising at home means...

  1. No worries about scheduling around gym hours.
  2. No waiting for your favorite piece of equipment.
  3. Do you really want to use the weight bench after that huge, sweaty guy in the tank top?
  4. Do you really want to use those locker rooms? Yuk!
  5. No worries about childcare either.  You can exercise with your kids or while they nap or play nearby. And the best part is, your setting a good example for them!

With a small investment (less than that annual gym membership!) for equipment, a willingness to be flexible and creative, and, of course, motivation you can have a great exercise program. 

If your goal is weight loss, improved strength or flexibility or to run your first 5K, we've got you covered! You can find information and tips to create your own program or make things super easy and use the sample workouts.

If you're new to exercise or just looking to add to a regular gym routine, look no further. The Home Fitness Club will give you ideas, advice, suggestions, inspiration, and motivation for a practical approach no matter what your personal goals are. 

You'll have the community support of a gym without the gym!

Check out the Getting Started Section to help you begin or jump right in to one of the other sections listed in the left column.

The Strength Training Section gives you info on creative ways to train whether you have a full line of equipment or none at all. 

The Cardio Section gives ideas for a great cardiovascular workout with equipment or, nothing but a good pair of shoes.

"Fitness is a slow process but quitting won't speed it up."

If you have some equipment or want to buy some, you'll find helpful tips for buying and using all kinds of equipment throughout the site.  Think of The Home Fitness Club as your personal fitness center!