Learn the secrets to getting in great shape, no gym required.

Jen Zeltwanger and daughter

I'm happy you're here. I know you're busy so let's get to the point...

I know you want to improve your health. You wouldn't be here if you didn't, right? But busy life gets in the way, doesn't it?

✔︎ We all want more energy. More strength. To be a good role model for your kids. More endurance to get through our day. 

✔︎ We need workouts that are efficient and portable. No gym, no problem!

✔︎ We need healthy, whole food nutrition information. And we need it all to fit in around family, work and household chaos.

Well, you're in the right place. Let me be your training partner.

Working out at home means...

  1. No worries about scheduling around gym hours.
  2. No waiting for your favorite piece of equipment.
  3. Do you really want to use the weight bench after that huge, sweaty guy in the tank top?
  4. Do you really want to use those locker rooms? Yuk!
  5. No worries about childcare either.  You can exercise with your kids or while they nap or play nearby. And the best part is, your setting a good example for them!
  6. You can work out in bare feet at home (Yep, I do this!)
  7. You can work out in your pajamas at home (Yep, I do this too!)
  8. No gym membership fees. My personal #1 reason!

The Strength Training Section gives you info on creative ways to train whether you have a full line of equipment or none at all. 

The Cardio Section gives ideas for a great cardiovascular workout with equipment or, nothing but a good pair of shoes.

My monthly online coaching plans are like NetFlix for your health! You'll get fully customized fitness programs that fit YOUR schedule and YOUR resources. No gym required. No appointments necessary. Workout when and where you want with the guidance of a qualified trainer. I deliver fitness plans, nutritional guidance and help with goal setting and motivation all through an easy to use app right on your phone.