Around-the-House Workout

Working out at home is the whole point of this site. But if you have absolutely no equipment or the weather prevents you from going outside - a household workout to the rescue!

I mean literally using items around your house to workout.

Stair workout

All you need is enough clear floor space.

A set of stairs and a chair or bench is an added bonus. 

This workout is a cardio circuit that includes higher and lower intensity intervals. Adjust the interval times as needed or create new exercises as you think of them. 20 minutes is a great quick workout if you're short on time or if you are just starting out. Do the circuit 2 or 3 times for a more intense workout.

20 Minute Cardio Blast

0:00-2:00  walking in place                                          10:00-12:00 mountain climbers

2:00-4:00  running in place                                          12:00-14:00 walking in place

4:00-6:00  walking in place                                          14:00-16:00 step ups

6:00-8:00  jumping jacks                                              16:00-18:00 burpees

8:00-10:00 running up & down stairs                      18:00-20:00 walking in place