Balanced Nutrition

Healthy food doesn't have to be hard

I'm not a registered dietitian or certified nutritionist so you won't find prescribed meal plans here.

Frankly, I don't think meal plans (that aren't fully customized, at least) really work anyway. Balanced nutrition looks different for everyone so it would be pretty tough to follow a pre-written meal plan. If you have severe allergies or other medical concerns that require special nutritional attention, please consult your physician.

Life is hectic, complicated, messy and crazy and you need to be flexible. If you have a family, you've probably gotta feed them too (they may revolt otherwise!). Even if you don't have a family you're responsible for feeding, you're eating habits don't exist in a vacuum. You eat out, order in, attend parties and events, share meals with friends and family. Unless you're a fitness pro prepping for a competition, showing up to a restaurant or Aunt Josie's summer picnic with a brown bag in tow is tacky and unnecessary.

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Balanced nutrition doesn't have to be complicated despite what it seems like with all the info bombarding us out there. 

The number one piece of advice I can give is to eat a whole food, mostly plant based diet. Organic whenever possible. Don't get hung up on numbers such as calories or protein percentage or fat grams or whatever. You may need to get more specific with some of those things at some point but to start, just focus on creating healthy habits by replacing less than ideal foods with whole, nutrient dense choices.

Whole food, plant based plate

You really can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables.

Fresh vegetables

If you need/want to eat some processed foods be sure they have the fewest ingredients possible and the ingredients are easily pronounceable. I personally prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet but I know that's not for everyone. I will always advocate for a plant-based diet as much as is possible with your lifestyle so you won't find a lot of carnivore info here! However, I try not to get on a vegetarian soapbox so I won't rule it out, its just not what I have the most experience with!

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The list of possible food choices is practically infinite (which is another reason I don't write meal plans!) but here is a selection to help you get an idea of how foods fit together to create balanced nutrition.

Macronutrient food list