Exercise DVDs and Videos for Home Workouts

Exercise DVDs are cheap and convenient. Two things that make them great workout options. There are so many different ones available, you could do a different workout every day for months. Talk about variety in your fitness program!

You can get workout DVDs inexpensively online or exchange with friends. You can borrow them from your local library and if your library is part of an interlibrary loan system, you can even borrow from other libraries to expand your selection even further.

Workouts can be downloaded on Amazon Instant Video or through OnDemand with your cable provider. You can check with local gyms or fitness studios. Some places have started live streaming of their classes. There are a number of websites that provide live streaming or instant workouts for wherever you are.

Some people prefer workout DVDs as their main type of exercise. They don't require much, if any, equipment. They provide endless variety and set up is a snap. Just insert the DVD and turn it on. Others prefer to use them as supplemental types of exercise. They are good if the weather is uncooperative or for traveling. They're easy to pack...just be sure you will have a DVD player available where you are headed!

No matter how you choose to use them here are a couple of points to remember:

  • Always clear enough floor space in front of the TV. You don't want to stumble over the ottoman because you were watching the instructor and not looking at the floor!
  • Gather any equipment you will need before you start. You don't want to have to pause the workout to go find something.
  • Follow the directions of the instructor. Rewind and replay if you need clarification.

Exercise DVDs often include several different levels of workouts. If you are unfamiliar with a particular DVD, start with the lowest level. You can always move up but you don't want to hurt yourself or overdo it the first time out!

Exercise DVD, Video and Live Streaming Reviews

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of exercise DVDs available for home workouts. It's not possible for me to review them all so if you have some favorite ones let us know what you think of them!

Have you found a great exercise DVD?

Have you found an exercise DVD that's challenging and fun? Share it with us!