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Guide to Workout Recovery

Guide to Workout Recovery

Workout recovery is not complicated but it is important. This short guide will help you understand the basics of optimizing your recovery time so your workout routine is as effective as possible. 



Fruit Smoothies - Kid Approved

Fruit Smoothies, Kid Approved eBook

Fruit smoothies are a staple in our house and my kids help make them all the time. But they don't always like the stuff I add to them so my daughter made her own recipes!

This book is full of easy, fruity recipes that contain no dairy. You can easily adapt them for different sizes or even different fruits. Every recipe was personally taste-tested by my kids so it's sure to not be "yucky" or "gross".



4-Week Home Fitness Jump Start

4-Week Home Workout Jump Start eBook

An easy guide to jump start your home fitness program. 4 weeks of exercises with written descriptions and photos. Get started right away. No need to read through a lot of info or watch a bunch of videos.

No equipment is necessary to complete this program. You can do it in your living room, basement or backyard. Your kids can even do it with you! You can use and reuse these workouts for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, a year or more. Whatever works for you. Get your illustrated workout program as a PDF download today.