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The Club, Issue #018
August 13, 2021

Newsletter Issue #18 - August 2021

As we head into the dog days of summer, make sure you're being smart in the heat and take time to relax!

In this newsletter, you'll find...

📍Can Exercise Help Overcome a Rough Night's Sleep?

📍10 Minute No-Equipment HIIT Workout

📍Calorie Density. Why Fiber Is Important

📍Reimagining Leftovers

Vigorous Exercise and Sleep

Physical Activity Can Help Overcome a Rough Night's Sleep

I don’t sleep well for a variety of reasons I won’t get into here but I imagine many of you have trouble sleeping sometimes and for different reasons. Too much caffeine or alcohol, stress and anxiety, some medications, jet lag or shift work can all contribute to poor sleep.

Our sleeping habits can have a huge impact on our daily lives and our health. The occasional bad night’s sleep won’t wreak too much havoc but not enough sleep on the regular can lead to chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, depression and increased risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

Improving your sleep routine, such as limiting caffeine and screen time or creating a calming routine, should be your first line of defense. But there are things you can do to offset poor sleep while you’re adjusting to your new routine or when you just have the occasional rough night.

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, vigorous exercise can help. Think, a hard run or cycling session or an intense class or a HIIT workout. Any regular exercise is good for you and will help you sleep better but vigorous exercise will offset the detrimental effects of poor quality or limited sleep in the most efficient way.

I know it’s hard to imagine doing a strenuous workout after a bad night's sleep but it can help shake the cobwebs out. Exercise will stimulate your body to make the hormone cortisol which will help you feel more alert. A study at the University of Georgia found that a 10-minute stair climb can improve alertness more effectively than an average cup of coffee. While you don't want to push yourself to set any PRs when you’re sleep deprived, a short but vigorous bout of physical activity will help you get through your day. And hopefully, set you up for a better night's sleep next time around!

Try the 10-minute HIIT cardio routine below if you need a jump start today.

Calorie Density

Why Fiber Is Important

Are you restricting calorie intake in an effort to manage weight? Do you still feel hungry a lot of the time? You don't necessarily need more calories. You need more fiber!! Fiber is the key to feeling full. Higher fiber foods take up more volume in your stomach to make you feel full. High fiber foods also take longer to digest so you feel full and satiated for longer on fewer calories.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great, low calorie sources of fiber. Air-popped popcorn is an easy snack that packs a good amount of fiber without a lot of calories. Assuming you don't dump globs of butter or cheese on it! A cup of air-popped popcorn only has about 30 calories.

The below graphic from Forks Over Knives is an accurate visual representation of this concept. Calories are an important consideration in weight management but they're the only piece of the puzzle. Careful consideration of the source of your calories will help feel full, feel better and meet your goals.

Reimagining My Leftovers

I have leftovers ALL.THE.TIME!! Sometimes planned, sometimes not.

I don't know about you but, I get bored if I eat the same things all the time. So having a lot of leftovers isn't good if they don't get eaten. Try to re-imagine what you can do with leftovers to make them more appealing and not waste food.

→ Leftover pasta? Add a handful of fresh veggies and eat it as a cold salad.

→ Leftover chicken? Shred it and throw it on a roll for an easy-to-pack sandwich.

I recently made a vegetable stir fry and rice for dinner and had one serving left after the meal. I threw it in a wrap and grilled it for lunch the next day. The wrap was crispy and the filling was just the right temperature. It was easy and different enough that it felt new and delicious.

What are some ways you use leftovers?

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