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The Club, Issue #022
December 17, 2021

Newsletter Issue #22 - December 2021

Happy Holidays!! I wish each of you a relaxing and joyful holiday season and festive new year!

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📍Keep Things Simple When Your Schedule Isn't

📍Self Care During the Holidays

📍12 Days of Fitness workout

Keep It Simple When Your Schedule Isn't

Automate Your Routines During the Holidays

During the holiday season it can be tough to get all the extra tasks done that inevitably get added to the to-do list at this time of year, let alone all the usual routine things like regular meal plans and grocery shopping and exercise and house cleaning, etc., etc.

Try keeping the usual routines as simple as possible. You and your family can eat the same 6 meals over and over for a couple weeks. It won’t hurt anyone! Just pick your families five or six favorite dinners that are easy and quick to make and plan them repeatedly for the regular nights during the holiday season. Save the new recipes and adventurous eating for parties and events. You can do the same with breakfasts. Blend a large double or triple batch of smoothies and freeze in individual containers or bags. Move one to the fridge in the evening and breakfast is ready in the morning. Fix a weeks worth of lunches on the weekend and stack them in the fridge to grab on your way out the door.

You can have your groceries delivered just like you have all your Amazon packages delivered. Even if this isn’t something you do normally, during the holidays it might be worth sacrificing the ability to pick your own produce if it saves you time.

If you’re having company, clean your house strategically. You don’t have to have every inch of your house deep cleaned from top to bottom. Are your guests going to use the master bathroom? Are they going to use the third floor spare room that you dump all your junk into? Are they going to go into your kids rooms? If not, then close the doors and don’t worry about those rooms. Only clean what you have to! Or better yet, invest in a cleaning service.

The bottom line is, automate whatever you can so you don’t feel so frazzled during this busy time of year. And who knows, maybe simplifying some of your regular routines will carry over after the holidays and become your NEW regular routines.

What are some things you can automate right now?

Self Care

Even More Important During the Holidays

Self care looks different for everyone and is important all the time but especially during the stressful holiday season. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself while you’re running around taking care of everyone else too.

If you have a regular care routine that you already do like weekly bubble baths or a massage or a pedicure then keep it up. I know you’re busy but make time for your routine. It will help keep you relaxed and focused.

If you don’t have a regular self care thing you do than start small. Now is not the time to completely shake up your schedule. But you can take 20 minutes for a home facial or some meditation. Take a walk outside. Check a book out of the library and read in a quiet space with some tea or hot chocolate. Anything you can do for yourself that brings you a little joy and calm is a good way to take care of yourself.

Here are two free mediation apps to try if that's something you're interested in.

The Insight Timer app has a large collection of guided meditations with no subscription or membership required. There is an optional $5 per month premium membership that gets you some added features but it’s not necessary to get the calming benefits from this app. The Mindfulness Coach app was created by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD to help teach mindfulness to veterans, service members and anyone who wants to try it.

Quick Workout Challenge

For When You Don't Have a Lot of Time But Need to Move

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Fitness Coaching
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