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The Club, Issue #012
February 12, 2021

Newsletter Issue #12 - February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day! February is American Heart Month and an opportunity to focus on heart health. A diet full of fruits and vegetables and regular cardiovascular exercise minimizes the chance of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.

In this newsletter, you'll find...

📍Why Do Cardio?

📍Rice Bowls: Delicious and Creative

📍Burpee Challenge

Why Do Cardio?

Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for a sustained amount of time. Walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, elliptical machine, rowing machine, etc.

Cardio exercise strengthens your heart, reduces stress, reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. It lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol and it helps maintain mobility and flexibility. It improves your mood and energy levels and helps you sleep better. There are so many benefits to cardio exercise how could you not do it??

Some form of cardiovascular exercise is an essential part of a well-rounded exercise program. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 days per week. Walking, running and hiking are easy enough to do without equipment. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a safe place to go. You can also get your heart rate up running up and down your stairs or doing jumping jacks or jumping rope.

Get creative with home workouts and help your heart!❤️

Rice Bowls Are My Family's New Favorite

Rice bowls, or Buddha bowls, or grain bowls. Whatever you choose to call them, they're easy to create and appeal to a wide variety of food preferences.

I've started making them about once a week for my family because each of us can add whatever we like to the bowl. My family loves Mexican so that's what our bowls usually are but you could make an Asian flavored bowl or a Greek flavored bowl or whatever else you can think up.

The above pictured bowl has rice, chick peas, black beans, corn, taco flavored mushrooms, salsa, black olives, lettuce and avocado. I also offered taco flavored chicken for my family members that still eat meat.

If you want to try your own grain bowls, follow these easy steps:

1. Pick your grain. Rice is always an excellent choice but you could take the opportunity to try a new grain like quinoa or farro.

2. Add a bunch of veggies. A perfect way to get a variety of vegetables into your daily diet with little effort. Cooked or raw vegetables are equally delicious choices and might depend on the flavor you're going for. Roasted vegetables like cauliflower, Brussel sprouts or sweet potatoes would create a hearty, filling bowl. Raw vegetables like leafy greens, shredded carrots and fresh peas would make a nice spring bowl.

3. Choose a protein. Grilled chicken or salmon or a sliced, hard boiled egg are good choices. Beans, tofu or tempeh are great plant-based options.

4. Drizzle on a sauce. There are endless possibilities for sauces. You can use your favorite salad dressing, or a peanut, pesto or Sriracha sauce. A squeeze of lemon or lime or a drizzle of honey can add great flavor also.

Burpee Challenge

Burpees. You either love them or hate them! But they're a simple, all-around workout. They work your heart and lungs and build muscular strength all at the same time. Do this burpee workout once a week. You can omit the push up or the jump at the end if you need to.

How to do a Burpee: 1. Start in a standing position with feet about hip width apart. 2. Squat down and put your hands on the floor in front of you shoulder width apart. 3. Kick your feet out behind you so you are in a plank position. 4. Do a pushup. 5. Jump your feet back to the squat position. 6. Stand and jump into the air raising your arms overhead.

Workout: This is an Every Minute On the Minute, or EMOM, workout. The goal is to go as long as you can but a 10 minute workout of burpees is a great start!

Minute 1: Do 8 burpees. Rest until minute 2 starts.

Minute 2: Do 8 burpees. Rest until minute 3 starts.

Minute 3: Do 8 purses. Rest until minute 4 starts. And so on and so on.

The faster you complete the burpees the more rest time you have. Keep going until you can't complete the 8 burpees before the next minute starts.

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