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The Club, Issue #023
January 18, 2022

Newsletter Issue #23 - January 2022

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season and you are ready to tackle new goals for 2022! I'm not a fan of New Year's Resolutions but goal setting is always a good thing. What are some of your goals for the year?

In this newsletter, you'll find...

📍Why Does The Treadmill Feel SOOOO Hard??

📍Treadmill Pyramid Workout

📍Benefits of Canned and Frozen Produce

Why Does The Treadmill Feel SOOO Hard??

Treadmill Running vs. Outdoor Running

I don’t mind the treadmill but for many the aptly nicknamed "dreadmill" is the absolute worst. And it’s not just all in your head. Treadmill running can be harder than running outside.

The first thing that might be happening is that your form and stride length are slightly altered when you run on a treadmill. You probably don’t even realize it but often your stride length is shortened by a tiny bit on a treadmill and that causes a higher leg turn over which increases your energy output. You also use muscles on the treadmill for stabilization that might not get worked as much on an outdoor run so that can fatigue you faster as well.

Secondly, if you don’t alter the speed on the treadmill during your workout and are trying to keep the same pace for your entire run, this can be difficult. When you run outside, you naturally speed up and slow down based on your surroundings such as hills or traffic or a headwind. Maintaining a constant pace is very challenging.

Third, it’s freaking boring! Running and running and running and never getting anywhere can be mentally exhausting. Listening to music or a podcast or streaming a show can certainly help but you’re still never going anywhere which makes it really hard to stay motivated and keep going. That’s why it feels like you’ve been running for 45 minutes and you look down and it’s only been 10 minutes!

The treadmill might be necessary for safety or convenience but if you just can’t stand it then make sure you’re properly prepared for outdoor running or walking in whatever the weather might be. Or consider a different type of indoor workout like an elliptical or rowing machine or a cardio workout video.

If the treadmill is your only option, there's a Pyramid workout below that might break up the monotony!

Canned and Frozen Produce

A Good Alternative When Fresh Isn't Available

I think it’s pretty well known that we all need lots of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. However, in the dead of winter, depending on where you live, fresh local produce might be pretty hard to come by. Or the fresh produce available may not be anything that you or your family like. What can you do instead?

Canned or frozen fruits and vegetables to the rescue! I almost always prefer fresh produce but canned and frozen produce has a lot of benefits.

First, they’re convenient. Barring any supply chain issues due to the COVID pandemic, you can get all kinds of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables from any grocery store at any time of the year. They’re also usually less expensive than their fresh counterparts.

The convenience extends to food prep as well. Canned vegetables are recipe ready because they have been pre-cooked prior to canning so you can just add them to whatever you’re making or, even easier, heat and serve. And many frozen vegetables can be cooked quickly in the microwave right in their original bags. No chopping necessary!

Second, canned and frozen produce can often be healthier than fresh. Unless you know for sure that you’re buying your fresh produce locally, it may have traveled hundreds of miles and could have been harvested two weeks or more from when you pick it up at the store. Canned and frozen produce is processed within hours of being picked right when it’s the freshest.

Third, you can stock up on canned and frozen veggies and fruit whenever they’re on sale so you always have a back up supply that didn’t cost you a fortune. As long as you have the storage space!

When buying canned fruit and vegetables, look for ones that have no added sodium or sugar if possible. When cooking canned vegetables, don’t drain them first. Cook them in the water they come in because that packing water has added nutrients in it.

You might have no trouble getting fresh vegetables and fruits all year long but in case you can’t, canned and frozen are a great alternative!

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