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The Club, Issue #016
June 17, 2021

Newsletter Issue #16 - June 2021

Happy Summer everyone! I hope you have a chance to enjoy some warm weather, sit on a porch, walk on a beach or just generally relax soon!

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📍Finding The Perfect Workout Buddy

📍National Hydration Day!

📍Homemade Sports Drink

📍July Lunge Challenge

Finding The Perfect Workout Buddy

Do you have a regular workout partner? A partner can hold you accountable and make you get out of bed in the morning. A partner can hold you to your goals and keep you on the right path to achieving them. A partner can push you to go a little further or lift a little heavier. A partner can cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments or be your crutch through the low points of your fitness journey. Now that you know all the great reasons to have an exercise partner, let’s look at how to find the best one for you.

To make sure you and your partner can benefit from all the positives of having a regular workout buddy, it’s important to consider some things when choosing someone.

Schedules. This one might be obvious but you’ll want to choose someone that has a similar schedule as your own. Not only a similar work or family life schedule but a desire to exercise at similar times of the day or week. Having the same life schedule won’t matter if you prefer early morning exercise and your potential partner prefers after-work sessions. If exercise classes are your thing, that can be a great way to find a workout partner. Meeting up with people who already attend the same fitness classes at the same times as you is one of the easiest ways to find a buddy.

Fitness level and ability. Compatible fitness levels make a good match for regular workouts. However, it’s ok and even beneficial on occasion to pair up with someone that is a little fitter than you. Pushing yourself just past your comfort level in order to keep up with your partner can be good motivation and good for your fitness. If you’re a runner, finding a partner that runs at a similar pace and distance is important to a successful partnership. If your preferred workout is strength training, finding a partner that lifts similar weight and does similar exercises is key to success. Whatever method of exercise you choose, assess your ability honestly so you can find the best partner for you.

Goals. Consider your goals when choosing a workout buddy. If you’re both working towards the same thing your partnership will have a strong start. You can motivate each other and help each other stay on track. Your goals don’t have to be exactly the same and you don’t have to reach them on the same timeline but working towards a similar end game will help the individual workouts and overall fitness routine work better. For example, if weight loss is your goal, you don’t have to be working towards the same amount of weight loss in order for the buddy system to be effective.

Attitude. Everybody has bad days or motivation slumps but if your partner is always saying how much she hates exercise or how uncomfortable she is during a workout that will have a negative effect on your own attitude. If your partner can easily talk herself out of a workout then you’ll end up missing them too. Workout buddies who share motivation and a positive attitude will have a better chance of success.

Where should you look for a good workout partner?

Friends and family are always a good start. They know you well so if they’re not interested they might know someone who is that would be a good fit.

Co-workers are another good option especially since you likely have similar schedules. And you can help each other stay strong against the break room treats!

Look around the gym during your regular workout or your usual fitness class. You probably see the same people all the time so they might be a compatible exercise buddy. You could even ask the fitness center staff, they might have a good idea of who else is looking for a partner.

Having a partner can enhance your workout routine when you find a good one. So get out there, find the perfect partner and reach those goals.

June 23rd National Hydration Day

National Hydration Day is a real thing that was started in 2016 in honor of a football coach named Victor Hawkins. He invented a special mouthguard that slowly releases electrolyte tablets to keep players hydrated during games and practices. National Hydration Day commemorates Coach Hawkins's contributions to player health and safety.

National Hydration Day is a good reminder for all of us to stay hydrated, especially as the weather warms up. If you don't like plain water, or just want to try something different, infuse your water with fresh fruit or vegetables like raspberries, lemon, cucumber or mint.

Homemade Sports Drink Recipe

If you're exercising for a long time or in the heat, a sports drink in addition to plain water can be a good idea for replacing electrolytes and carbs. Gatorade is convenient because you can buy it literally everywhere but honestly, have you ever looked at the ingredients? Artificial sweeteners, flavorings and dyes among other things. No thanks! Fortunately, it's pretty easy to make a homemade sports drink. It usually won't be as sweet as store bought but you can tinker with the ingredient amounts to suit your tastes. I've made watermelon and cherry flavored drinks and used this recipe from in varying combinations. I usually go a little heavier on the fruit juice and a little lighter on the coconut water. Try your own and if you find a combo you love, tell me about it!

3 cups 100% pure coconut water 1 cup 100% fruit juice 2 T. honey 1/4 tsp. sea salt 4 cups water 2-3 tsp. lemon juice Mix everything together until dissolved and chill.

July Lunge Challenge

Start this Challenge on July 1st and let me know how it goes!

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