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The Club, Issue #001 -- March 2020 Newsletter
March 11, 2020

Newsletter Issue #01 - March 2020

Welcome to March!

And welcome to the first issue of The Home Fitness Club Newsletter! Thanks for joining me!

I hesitate to say that Spring is on the way because as I write this, it's freezing cold in my town, but I know brighter, warmer days are just around the corner.

So with the promise of spring in the air, in this newsletter, you'll find...

πŸ“Tips for spring cleaning your fitness program

πŸ“A super simple cardio workout

πŸ“A shamrock green smoothie recipe

πŸ“Should I exercise when I'm sick?

Spring Clean Your Fitness Program


Spring always feels like a time of renewal and refreshment. We clean up and air out our houses. We infuse our meals with fresh spring produce. We venture back outside. Finally!

This is the perfect time to clean up your fitness program too. Break out of your winter routine and change things up. It might just be the boost your program needs to help you reach new fitness goals. Here are a few things you can do to refresh and reboot.

1. Take up a new sport. Spring is the perfect time to start something new like tennis or golf lessons. Or look into rec leagues for sports like kickball or softball. You could also try a new type of exercise class or join a running group or sign up for an event like a 5K or 10k. Push yourself to try something new and build new sport or fitness skills.

2. Get outside! I know many of you exercise outside year round whether because you live somewhere the weather is always nice or you're just that hardcore but, for the rest of us, this is the time of year to move out! Find parks and trails you can run or walk in. Find playgrounds that allow you to exercise while the kids are occupied.

3. Buy yourself some new fitness gear. The need to break in a new pair of shoes can be very motivating for getting a move on. Maybe you need a new lightweight jacket since you'll be exercising outside more. Or maybe you want to push your strength sessions and need to get some heavier kettlebells. Adding some new stuff to your routine can revitalize a dull winter fitness rut.

4. Get your kids involved. Organized spring sports will be in full swing in a few weeks but you don't have to wait for organized programs to get your kids more active. Go for a family hike or shoot hoops in the park. You can get creative and build an obstacle course in the backyard or jump rope or go for a bike ride. The more you do together, the more likely your kids will be and stay active.

Happy Exercising!

Yummy Green Smoothie

I don't usually follow specific recipes when I make a smoothie. I just throw whatever I have in the fridge into the blender and see what comes out. But this time, I wanted to make a bright green, tasty treat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This smoothie includes a frozen banana, half a green apple, a handful of kale and water. Very easy! Very yummy! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Should I Exercise When I'm Sick?

I know we're finally starting to creep out of the winter blues with warmer temps and longer days but colds and flu and other icky germs are still running rampant. Sometimes when you're sick, you don't feel great but you don't feel too terrible either and you might want to try to stick to your routine. Here are some guidelines to consider when it comes to your workouts...

NO EXERCISE: If you're running a fever or fighting a diagnosed infection, REST. Your body needs to rest and recuperate. No need to push it because you'll only make it worse.

If you have a head cold with a sore throat and chest congestion, REST. Exercise will just aggravate your throat.

And honestly who feels like exercising when they feel this crappy anyway??

LIGHT EXERCISE POSSIBLE: If you have a cold with head congestion you can do some light exercise like take a walk or yoga or Pilates. It won't make it any worse but you should still take it easy.

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