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The Club, Issue #003
May 20, 2020

Newsletter Issue #03 - May 2020

I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. The newsletter is a little late this month because like everyone right now, I'm juggling distance learning for my kids as well as trying to work! I hope everyone is finding ways to stay well and find joy in these crazy times.

In this newsletter, you'll find...

📍Home Cardio, How's it Going?

📍Stair Workout

📍Liquid Sunshine Smoothie

📍Moving Forward

Home Cardio, How's it Going?

It's hard to get a cardiovascular workout at home if you don't like to run or don't have a large piece of exercise equipment like an elliptical or stationary bike. With all of us still social distancing, finding creative ways to get a workout has become a priority.

Whether you're used to working out at home and just need some variety or you're suddenly at home full time without access to your gym, you need something new. You can definitely find hundreds of workouts you can stream from websites or apps but maybe your looking for something simple and quick or just want to unplug from all the screen time. You can run up and down the steps or jump rope or do sets of jumping jacks (there are all kinds of jumping jack variations you can try). You can walk around your neighborhood or literally walk laps around your house.

You might need to throw out your idea of what cardio workouts look like but just use your imagination and get it done!

I've included a quick workout below and all you need is a couple of stairs.

Liquid Sunshine Smoothie

My kids and I love to make smoothies! This Liquid Sunshine recipe was created by my daughter and we have used it as a simple smoothie drink and the base for a breakfast Buddha bowl with fruit and granola. It's a beautiful bright color which is perfect for a morning pick-me-up. The measurements are approximate. Adjust them for your own taste and for how much you want to make.

1/2 cup pineapple 1 small orange or Cutie clementine 1/2 cup frozen mango water

Puree together until smooth. If your using it for a Buddha bowl add whatever toppings you want like granola, fresh fruit, coconut, pumpkin seeds or chia seeds.

Moving Forward...Continued Social Distancing

It's looking more and more like we will be experiencing some form of social distancing and staying-at-home guidelines for quite some time so I'd like to reach out and ask what you need in order to maintain a healthy fitness routine? Send me your comments, requests and questions and I'll do my best to address them in future newsletters. Click the link below to reach me. In the meantime, stay safe my fit friends.

Happy Exercising!

Talk to me!

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