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The Club, Issue #007
September 18, 2020

Newsletter Issue #07 - September 2020

I hope everyone is continuing to enjoy a relaxing summer and gearing up for school to whatever way!

In this newsletter, you'll find...

📍Health & Fitness is Not Pass/Fail

📍9 Minute Workout...for when you just don't have the time!

📍Smoothie Bowl Building Guide

Health & Fitness is Not Pass/Fail

Do you think exercise programs or diet plans are only worth it if you follow them perfectly 100% of the time? Either you did it perfectly or you failed? Well, think again.

Your fitness level is not an assignment that is pass or fail. It's not either/or. It's important to be consistent but consistency does NOT equal perfect.

Sure, if you were 100% perfect all the time, you would hit your goals a lot faster. But in real life, perfect is usually impossible. Better is better. Striving to be a little better each week will get you plenty of benefits. Studies indicate that making steady progress consistently will get you to your goals. So stop beating yourself up if your habits slip here and there. And don't think that if you weren't perfect, it's useless. Far from it.

For example, in an average week, lets say you eat a healthy breakfast at home everyday, pack a healthy lunch to take to work everyday and cook dinner at home only two nights. You end up running through a drivethru, ordering pizza or getting take out for the other five dinners. Assuming 3 meals a day, that's a 76% success rate. That's pretty good!

The most important thing you can do is work toward creating habits. The easier you can fit something in to your already crazy busy schedule, the easier it is to move along the progress bar. Fitness is an ongoing process and as long as you're working towards better, you're making progress. And that's a passing grade as far as I'm concerned.

Happy Exercising!

Smoothie bowls are so flexible and can easily be created with just about anything you have in your kitchen.

My daughter helped me create kid-friendly recipes for several smoothies and we compiled them in an e-book.

Follow this link to purchase. E-books

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